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Welcome to The 2022 Ocean Sciences Meeting Site

Pilina means connection, relationship, and association and is an important value in Hawaiian culture that encourages inclusivity and collaborations to achieve results that cannot be accomplished with one person alone. The 2022 OSM focuses on the importance of strong pilina for the ocean science community. By coming together, we can forge a path toward a sustainable future.

This year’s theme emphasizes the importance of working together. “Come Together and Connect,” focuses on strengthening the ocean sciences community through discussing both basic and applied research while making scientific and social connections. We are creating a meeting and networking environment that provides opportunities for ocean scientists, from those doing basic research to those working on solutions for the ocean we want, to present and share knowledge as well as network and address emerging topics in ocean sciences.


Registration Policies

All participants and exhibitors must agree to the Code of Conduct and Waiver of Liability when registering.

The full registration fee includes admission to all sessions, exhibits, town hall meetings and workshops, auxiliary meetings (unless by invitation only or otherwise specified), and mixers. Optional events such as special organized activities may not be included.

Online registration is preferred and highly recommended. Electronic registrations must include complete credit card information. Registrations are not considered complete until the registration fee is paid in full.

If you are unable to register on line, please send an email to meetings@aslo.org to make other registration arrangements.

Registration will be confirmed via e-mail once payment is received.

For more information, please visit the Registration Policies page.

Registration Fees

Registration fees are based on your current society membership status and level. These fees will be automatically applied at checkout.

Full Virtual Meeting   Registration Fee
Virtual Member & Early Career   $525.00
Virtual Non-member & Early Career   $595.00
Virtual Student Member   $355.00
Virtual Student Non-member   $425.00
Virtual Emeritus/Retiree   No Charge
Virtual High School Students   No Charge
Virtual High School Teachers   No Charge
Virtual Developing Country Professional *   No Charge
Virtual Developing Country Student *   No Charge
*Please Note—Those registering under the developing country rates will be subject to verifying their current country of residence. This rate is only available to those participants who are currently living and working in a low- or lower-middle-income economies as defined by the World Bank.

Student and Early Career Professionals Registration Awards

Registration awards will be available for eligible students and early career professionals. Applicants have to be registered, paid, and presenting at OSM 2022 to be eligible for a registration award. Eligible registrants will receive a link to the application in their confirmation email.

For more OSM 2022 student and early career opportunities, please visit the Student/Early Career page.




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