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The Zoom Waiting Room

Ideally speakers Join 15 Minutes Before the Session Start

  • Once the meeting has started you will see two options
    • Join Meeting as co-host
    • Join Meeting as attendee
  • If you are a speaker join as co-host
  • If you join as attendee you will need to be made co-host later

Participant Settings

The participant settings can be managed via the Participant Icon

  • Click on Participants and then “...” and confirm Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves matches the settings that suit your conference

Mute / Unmute Participants

If you do not allow them to unmute themselves you can hover over a participants name and choose Ask to Unmute. This will allow them to speak freely.

Attendee view, raise hand

Screen Sharing

  • Click Share Screen in the Zoom Control panel to select what you wish to share
  • If you plan to share a video clip or pre-recording of your session choose Share Computer Sound
  • Do not click Optimize full screen video clip.  This will compress your video and make it too choppy and make most text in a video illegible.

Screen Sharing Best Practices

  • Before starting your broadcast close any other windows / tabs
  • Close anything that might create a pop-up notification (Outlook, Teams, Slack, Skype)
  • Practice sharing your screen with a partner or if you are practicing by yourself choose the Record option to watch how your presentation looks.
  • Get a free Zoom account at https://zoom.us/signup

Set Your Virtual Background

  • Click on the arrow next to Start Video and Choose Virtual Background
  • The virtual background will work even if you don’t have a green screen. If you have a bookshelf or a lot of angles, the virtual background won’t work well.
  • Please check our conference website for the official virtual backgrounds for download.

Camera Views

Active Speaker

Gallery Grid

  • By default the active speaker is shown
  • Right click a speaker and choose Spotlight Video to keep focus on them. Right click again and choose Cancel Spotlight when done


  • Polls can be setup in advance or during a meeting by the Primary Host
  • Co-Hosts can launch polls.
  • Click Polls, choose from available polls, then click Launch Polling


  • The chat feature can be used to communicate with attendees throughout the meeting.
  • Hosts can select who to chat with, either everyone or a specific attendee privately, and can also upload files if it is enabled.
  • Clicking the ellipses icon in the chat allows you to chose who people can chat with during the meeting.

Special Feature: Breakout Rooms

  • You can move people around by hovering over them and choosing Move to.
  • Click Open All Rooms to move people into the breakout rooms.
  • Note: Automatic recording does not work in breakout rooms

  • You as the host can join any breakout room
  • You can send a Broadcast Message to All Rooms
  • You can also Close All Rooms to bring people back into the main room
  • Participants in a breakout room can message the host as well by clicking the question mark.

Zoom Assistance

Download and Test Zoom Before the Meeting

1. Download Zoom at Zoom.us/download

2. Visit Zoom.us/test

3. Test your access to Zoom prior to the meeting.

Joining a Session

1. Once you click on Join Session you will see the screen above.

2. Click on 'Open zoom.us' in the pop up box.

Turning on Your Microphone

1. Click on Join Audio

2. Click on Join with Computer Audio if you want to use your computer's built in microphone. You can also use your phone audio by going to the Phone Call tab.